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VA Locator is a recruiting and staffing agency for virtual assistants working out of Venezuela and serving the world of business with our talented people. To better serve you, we’d like to point you in the right direction for using our services.

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I can not believe the excellent service they offered me. Everything was simple, uncomplicated and fast. VA Locator made my life simple. You need any kind of help, they are what you need.

Launchin2Days Ana Maria, L2D

I needed a designer who could materialize what I was trying to convey to my peers. Definitely VA Locator found just what I needed. Now I have designs that convey the true meaning of Jose's Hands.

Jose’s Hands Ailen Gutierrez, Jose´s Hands

Ever since I began working with VAs, I get work done quicker, better, and for a better price than ever before. I would recommend using VAs to any entrepreneur.

Alex Miranda 22 Alex Miranda AM22